Tell your dream when you wake

“We are the ones that can clarify
to this world while we still have a breath”.
Write a response poem/prose piece.
The light
so that we can
We can not see anything
But that is how the world turns
We, as people
feel and speak
and we will tell our kin
because we, are people
we have feelings
In our reality
we are the ones that can clarify
to this world while we still have a breath
We, as people that know
Because we, as people
and can clarifiy
Tell your dream when you wake
As you, as a person
can tell your dream’s story
That comes from your mind
Tell it
Tell them so they can know your feelings
We, as people that are alive, know
Because we as people that are alive think
about death
about life
We, as people
have our own thoughts
to develop ourselves
and our souls
so that we can have riches
the richness of clarification
the richness of analysis
richness in our minds
like a light
like a bright light
To open our soul and conscious
Because we are people that clarify it all
We can also clarify it in our dreams
We can also clarify it in our thoughts
We can also clarify it for our future
We, as people
people that have value
Like our thoughts that are never finished
when we are stil alive in this reality
We, as people, are the kings of the world
We, as people
are strong
in clarification
and socialisation
and lots of different things that have peace
We, are people
that’s important
Tear apart your mind
you rip
you rip apart your mind
to insert sweet words
insert sweet words
You preach to your body
wanting to stretch to eternity
You put your thoughts in the moon
wanting to accept sweet words
the darkness flies with the bats
people with a black soul can not see the bright land
because their mind is still flying with bats
people with black souls
must be in the darkness
are not allowed to see anything
For a long time we’ve been together to talk
going back and forward
there was no process to build
minds exist, why don’t we put them together
Begin a discussion to find the right path
The right path is what we continue to talk about
but problems between each other still arise
That’s one part
In our lives
That we always carry out night and day
How much breathe do we waste
How much sweat do we waste
How many breaths do we waste
We use all our time for our whole life
why do we and you
put feelings and this dream in our thoughts?
it’s not allowed?
One united thought
One united conscious
One united soul
How do we
walk together
so we are one voice, united communication
so we can win this world
because this world
is our world
Save your grief
hide your sadness
create laughter
That’s what we need
That is what we must feel
because that is good for our dreams
that is good for our spirit
This is also one part
think of the bristles
sweep the sweet words
when you feel that you are like a broom
that from coconut branches you make the bristles to sweep
We can not pretend to ourselves that we are smoke
so that we can sweep
is it not allowed?
Think of the bristles sweeping the sweet words
Tear apart your mind, insert sweet words
preach to your body, to reach eternity
put your thoughts in the moon, to get light
the darkness flies with the bats
people with black soles can not see the bright land
his head will shatter
hateful words will emerge
diarrhoea will flow in the worlds rivers
flowing into arteries it will be transformed into meat
raw people, raw minds, raw to each other
hateful words will emerge
meat will eat meat
For a long time we have been together to talk
talking to each other, but not having a process to build
minds exist, why don’t we put them together
Begin a discussion to find the truth
but the true road is what we talk of continually
problems between each other continue to happen
Subtitles by the community
Filmmaker, Chris Phillips (also happens to be Ms Buckland’s son!):
After a handful of years working with a project called Animatism, we were invited in 2014 to contribute to East Timor’s first ever public art festival named Arte Publiku.  The festival was a combination of music, art, dance and performance with a goal of encouraging nation building and creative exchange through a week of workshops and live performances.  I participated by filming the event, and creating a projection piece from recordings of East Timorese poetry. After returning I combined one of the poems with the footage of the event to create the video beneath titled “Ita Nudar Ema,” which translates to “We as people.”